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  • guest - Saturday 17 February 2018 05:07Reply
    H e s p l o o g e
  • Xemnas The Lynx - Thursday 15 February 2018 02:28Reply
  • Illegitimate Ferret - Monday 29 January 2018 23:52Reply
    I do believe this should be in the "lion" album.
  • guest - Monday 29 January 2018 03:48Reply
    No shit.
  • guest - Friday 26 January 2018 01:11Reply
  • Shy Wolf - Wednesday 24 January 2018 20:26Reply
    Where's the continuation?! This comic is so AWESOME!!!. Please continue this story, I can try to help!! But let's continue Love can't be lost this way!!!
  • tarantuloid6078 - Sunday 21 January 2018 16:33Reply

    gimme an email if you guys need a comic hunter i'd gladly help out at no charge if it means this website can have some completed comics
  • kan - Thursday 18 January 2018 06:43Reply
    Soon they'll get some decent private time lol. Very entertaining comic to say the least.
  • guest - Monday 8 January 2018 23:18Reply
    I was wondering if there will be any anal in this comic
  • kan - Thursday 4 January 2018 05:17Reply
    Exactly the direction I was hoping this would go.